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1 in 7 Americans suffer from food insecurity, which means they have little to no access to fresh food.

Just for a second, imagine walking to a grocery store on your way home from work to get that juicy, cold, crisp apple and pick up a rustic baguette for dinner. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

And, now picture a world where, you don't have a car or public transportation, the nearest grocery store is miles away, and you have a fast food restaurant or small convenience store two blocks down. That’s a food desert. 

Pretty crazy, right? We thought so too. That’s why we are doing something about it!

At Sooma, we are more than just your run-of-the-mill food meal kit company. We are on a mission to build a sustainable and scalable business that will help bring an end to food insecurity in cities across America.

We don’t just deliver fresh ingredients and amazing recipes to your front door. We also sell the same ingredients and recipes at-cost to community centers, schools, and religious institutions located in food deserts, and work with them to increase the food accessibility, food education, and nutritional literacy in their communities. We even help them get up and running to take SNAP! 

We believe that food is one of the great equalizers, and there is something special about gathering #aroundthetable with community. All of the best stories, laughs, and special moments happen around food with friends, family, and framily. Sooma is creating a world where this is available and affordable to all of us! 

So, we want to personally invite you into the Sooma family. Join us #aroundthetable to help build something truly life-changing. Every meal you buy helps us get one step closer to ending food insecurity in cities across America.

To good friends and good food,

The Sooma Family